How can a business benefit from digital marketing in 2022?

 Small Business Digital Marketing 2022

How can a business benefit from digital marketing in 2022? Digital marketing has become essential for many activities on the internet. Now, this practice is accessible to small businesses on the net. This is through new technologies, social networks, and digital communication. Thus, small businesses can achieve real digital strategies. In order to position itself in a market that has become very competitive.

The use of digital marketing in 2022 will become the major element in the success of brands. However, small businesses will be able to compete with big brands and move into the international market.

Here are some ways to get started in digital marketing…

Small business digital strategies and tools

1) The advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing makes it possible to reach prospects beyond borders. By using digital advertising, you can reach prospects online in a scalable and measurable way. Here are the top two benefits of digital marketing for small businesses:

Target the right audience at the right time: Today, several digital marketing platforms and tools make it possible to reach the right prospects. For example, engaging a display ad makes it possible to promote products and services on other websites, commercial platforms, and social networks. This follows the tools of the advertisers’ platforms… Thus, you can quickly reach the right profiles. This technique makes sales easier for sellers and more satisfying for consumers.

Retain your customers: Currently, retaining is much less effort than converting a prospect into a customer. It is therefore important to stay in touch with your customers. Here are some ideas:

– Propose personalized offers by e-mailing, such as discount codes or exclusive access to new products…

– Publish on social networks by offering useful content to encourage your customers to follow you and contact you without going through your competitors.

Other advantageous criteria of digital marketing

– Digital marketing is more profitable than traditional marketing

– Access to a vast market of prospects with Big Data

– Strategies and actions that are easy and quick to carry out with automation

– Campaigns and behavioral tracking based on relevant data and analytics

– Increases awareness of a brand and a company

2) Design your digital strategy

The choice of a good digital strategy is an important step in the overall marketing mix regardless of the size of the company. Small businesses will need to include a significant portion of online advertising to maximize their sales.

Several methods and practices are to be tested to choose the right strategy to include in your marketing plan. Some methods are more important and effective for businesses that operate solely online. Certainly, the budget is a very important factor in choosing a digital marketing strategy. Here are some classic digital marketing practices.

The different practices of digital marketing

Search Engine Marketing: This method allows small businesses to compete with big companies by ranking high in search results. This will allow your website to be ranked higher on search engine results pages thanks to these methods: Choosing the right keywords, optimizing the code, producing quality content, and creating net linking and networking. Links, indexing, local referencing, SEO…

Social Media Marketing: It can be difficult for businesses to integrate social media into their business. Choose the social media to use; Facebook, Twitter, blog… All this depends on the activity of the company and the products and services of the brand. This community method should allow you the first contact with new prospects and your customers, which can be a very important element of your marketing plan.

Content Marketing: This practice of enriching and personalizing content conveys a certain level of trust to consumers. This by disseminating information about your products and services. Post news or information on your website to interest visitors.

3) Free digital marketing tools

How can a business benefit from digital marketing in 2022?

Companies don’t always have the budget to have a marketing team or outsource the work to a marketing agency. These tools can help you automate repetitive tasks, collect data on your target, plan your publications on the networks, analyze your marketing activities… All these tools allow you to achieve your objectives, it’s up to you to create adequate content and encourage the act of purchase from your new prospects. Here are some examples of free digital marketing tools:

Google Analytics: This is Google software that allows you to have information on visitors and monitoring of your website. For example the number of visitors by the period of your choice, the keywords used to find your site, the time spent on your website…

Mailchimp: this is the ideal solution for small businesses that are new to e-mail. This solution allows you to manage address lists and send bulk e-mails, and analyze your target’s engagement. This is done through multiple functions like; segmentation, personalization, form generation, and CRM tools

Hootsuite: is a platform that allows a daily presence on social networks. This platform allows you to manage your social networks and schedule publications in advance. This platform also provides you with reporting tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on social networks.

4) Define your core target on the internet

One of the key steps to successful digital marketing is to clearly define your target audience. Either define a clear and identifiable core target group that might be interested in your products.

Here is how to define your core target who will buy your products online: First of all segment your prospects, i.e. Identify and create a homogeneous group of prospects most likely to buy your products. Then define the common points of your best current customers to draw your core target.

Then create the portrait of the ideal customer named Avatar or Persona. It is a question of drawing the portrait of this client to better target, understand, and convince him.

After giving your avatar a name and entering all the demographic criteria; sex, age, residence, profession. You will need to find their main and secondary interests and identify their media consumption; books, press, TV… But also, as the influencer, he follows the dreams and goals he would like to achieve.

Similarly, define the obstacles and problems they would like to solve. Now that you know your avatar portrait, think that it will be necessary to convince and provide value… It’s up to you!

Different prospect profiles so target broad

It is also interesting to have several prospect profiles that are active on different social networks. For example, your target audience on Instagram (younger) may not be the same as on Facebook (baby boomer). It is therefore important to adapt your digital strategy to all your networks and prospects.

As a small business, you must reach your core target by analyzing the needs and expectations of prospects. Take the time to study the demographic statistics that are often available online.

Finally, if you do not have time to define a core target, then limit yourself to actions of presence and sharing on social networks. For example, if your core B2C target is much more present on Facebook, then concentrate all your online efforts on this network.

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