What are NATO countries?

What are the countries of NATO 2022?

What are the countries of NATO 2022, the most important current problems at the level of the world lie in Ukraine’s desire to join NATO; But on the other hand, Russia’s opposition to it, which called for getting to know the NATO countries in detail and what this alliance is and what the purpose of its founding, to show that this alliance is a huge military system of the first class at the level of the world, and includes a large number of different countries And through my articles website, we will learn about what NATO is and what NATO countries are in 2022.

What is NATO? Wikipedia

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is an international military organization that was established in 1949 by virtue of a treaty previously agreed upon and signed in Washington on April 4, 1949, which is the North Atlantic Treaty. It is worth mentioning that NATO is a council of nearly thirty countries aimed at To mutual defense in the event that any of them is exposed to a military attack, the club includes twelve highly sovereign countries, including three permanent countries in the UN Security Council and they are among the most powerful countries in the world (the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom), and these three countries are distinguished by their enjoyment of the Femto-right in addition to Because they are officially nuclear-weapon states.

What are NATO countries?

What are the countries of NATO 2022?

The following is a list of NATO countries in 2022 in order, as NATO includes nearly thirty countries with a budget of about 892 billion US dollars, among the thirty countries, there are twelve countries that enjoy full sovereignty, and all NATO countries are:

• Albania.
• Belgium.
• Bulgaria.
• Canada.
• Croatia.
• Czech Republic.
• Greenland.
• North Macedonia.
• Denmark.
• Estonia.
• France.
• Germany.
• Greece.
• Hungary.
• Iceland.
• Italia.
• Latvia.
• Lithuania.
• Luxembourg.
• the black Mountain.
• Holland.
• Norway.
• Poland.
• Portugal.
• Romania.
• Slovakia.
• Slovenia.
• Spain.
• Turkey.
• United kingdom.
• United State

What does it mean for 4 countries in NATO to activate Article 4

This means that Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania announced, on Thursday, the 24th of February of this year, the activation of Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, which are the countries that meet under the umbrella of NATO, and according to what I spoke officially. The Estonian government, in a statement that was issued today, stated: The Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, considers the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “threat to the whole of Europe.”

Article 4 of the agreement provides for the parties to consult together in order to consider the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any of the Allied countries, and although Ukraine is not among the countries of the Alliance, it has requested to join God and therefore will be treated as if it is an alliance.

Why form NATO?

The headquarters of NATO is located in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and was established on the 4th of April of the year 1949 AD. In addition, it aims to combat terrorism, military cooperation, cooperation in Afghanistan, industrial cooperation, preventing the spread of illegal weapons, and preventing the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

When was NATO created?

The establishment of NATO was officially agreed upon on April 4, 1949, in Washington, D.C., United States, and it now includes about thirty countries, in addition to the Partnership for Peace program in which nearly twenty-one different countries from outside NATO participate, In addition to the existence of another program, the “Institutional Dialogue”, which includes about fifteen countries, which is now the talk of the world due to the conflicts between the two countries of Russia and Ukraine, as there is a desire from Ukraine to join NATO, but Russia categorically rejects this.

What are the goals of NATO?

There are many goals that NATO was striving to achieve in the presence of the Soviet Union, the most prominent of which was its standing against the popular expansion in alliance with the United States of America, but the unexpected happened, which is the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 AD, and after a period of time It turns out that NATO has changed all the goals it seeks to achieve, especially the presence of many crises that many countries have suffered from so that NATO’s goals have become to fight many of the main international threats of the first degree and represented in terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Is Russia in NATO?

In fact, there were prominent cooperative relations between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and a European partnership was established between each of them. In a visit by US President Bill Clinton in 2000 to the Russian capital, Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed Russia’s joining NATO; The US President replied that he did not object to that, and cooperation operations took place between each of them in combating terrorism, military cooperation, cooperation in Afghanistan, industrial cooperation, and non-proliferation of weapons.

But in the year 201, all things and parallels turned, as Russia became outside NATO as a result of what had ignited a crisis in the State of Ukraine during the year 2014, which called for the suspension of cooperation with Russia by a decision of NATO.

NATO countries on the map

According to what was stated in the treaty agreed upon in 1449, which is the “North Atlantic Treaty,” it was found that the countries covered by NATO are member states located in the northern region of the Atlantic Ocean, the territory of Turkey, or the Algerian provinces (which belonged to France), in addition to The various aircraft, naval fleets, and naval forces affiliated to any of the acceding countries mentioned earlier, and the following is a detailed map of the NATO countries as follows:

Here, we have reached the end of our article entitled What are the countries of NATO 2022, and we had learned through it the most important information related to the countries of NATO and their exact locations on the map, in addition to identifying the goals of the alliance and why it was formed specifically and the importance of its existence so far.

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