What months are Geminis?

Gemini horoscope in 2022 month by month

What months are Geminis? To give you the major trends for the coming seasons, our astrologer, Marc Angel, deciphers the year month by month. A calendar is dedicated to people born under the sign of Gemini, between May 22 and June.

Who says new year, says new forecasts! In 2022, expect change! The year presents us with a challenge: that of remaining sufficiently flexible and open-minded to succeed in adapting to change. Between the retrograde planets and Jupiter’s back and forth between Pisces and Aries, we are moving forward this year in a sort of in-between. All is not confused, however. There is like a renewal, a second wind, a new impulse that invites us to create and initiate new projects. All while making sure not to go too fast. To find the right rhythm, the right formula, the right partners. Discover without further delay how these planetary movements are likely to influence the astrological sign of Gemini with Marc Angel’s horoscope.

What months are Geminis?

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of January 2022

In January, we take the time to read between the lines to decipher situations, and decode intentions. With Jupiter in Pisces until May 10, looks can be deceiving. Mercury confirms this around the 15th by throwing confusion into a seemingly promising project. Clear at the start, the exchanges become more ambiguous and create misunderstandings. Draw on the cautious and rigorous nature of Saturn to move forward in stages, with a concern for accuracy and without claiming victory. It also seems risky to mix the emotional with work, keep the right distance by mixing competence and confidence.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of February 2022

In February, the welcome given to your initiatives encourages you to think bigger and aim higher. Mercury’s return to Aquarius bodes well for relationships. Your ideas please, we gladly adhere to your projects. If you have a request, it should be granted. From the 1st to the 9th, the Sun/Saturn binomial enhances an action that you have carried out in the past. Recognition is late but lasting. This short interval leaves you free to negotiate a better income. At home, the discussions revolve around a great project to be launched soon.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of March 2022

Focus on projects that look like you, to update if they have been dormant for years. On the 7th, Venus and Mars move into Aquarius at the same time. A key date, capable of being the starting point for a series of new activities. The fusion of these two planets encourages you to act (Mars) in the direction of your desires (Venus). Activate your network, it can help you open doors. With strengthened confidence, you easily make contacts. A beautiful friendship is born, also the beginning of a love story. In terms of shape, you couldn’t dream of a better situation to recharge the batteries.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of April 2022

In April, we hold the shock with the last efforts to be made before branching off towards a new and bright future. Three planets in Pisces form a dissonant aspect to your natal Sun. A situation no longer suits you, unless your actions displease those around you. A compromise or a solution must be found to overcome the ordeal. Your impatience can play tricks on you materially, regretting an expense to which you gave in too quickly, for example. Luckily, external support lends you a hand in your decisions, sent as reinforcements by Mercury between the 1st and the 11th.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of May 2022

In May, celebrate what you like. Jupiter is committed to defending your interests effectively. Mercury turns on its heels on the 11th, the day Jupiter moves into Aries. The paradox is positive, you will move forward (Jupiter) after taking inventory of your affairs and sorting out your relationships (Mercury). Venus is there too, her position in Aries gives you the freedom to take initiatives in favor of your union. Love, at first sight, promises to be as immediate as it is reciprocal, you can leave a long period of celibacy and find yourself sharing the same roof in a few months.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of June 2022

In June, we do our self-promotion to put our talents forward and be able to exploit them differently. After a short absence, Mercury makes its comeback on the 14th. Its alliance with Jupiter mediates your projects. Your know-how extends, your notoriety spreads, and we come to you with great proposals to submit to you. The period brings you good luck if you undergo training, take an exam, and pass an interview. Venus on the 24th seals a loving alliance, a strong commitment is made, reassuring and reassuring. Saturn finally turns around, a sign that it is important to rest.

Gemini’s horoscope for the month of July 2022

In July, take advantage of the happiness of savoring a cocktail of carelessness, confidence, and romance. Until the 18th, Venus exalts your feelings. Relationships are both sincere and light, complicit and free from any constraint. As a couple, we improvise according to the mood, according to the desires, taking advantage of the unexpected. In Gemini Venus flutters, one flirtation can hide another. Your uninhibited desires reflect greater self-confidence. Jupiter gives you confidence, to display the 20 to seize a golden opportunity offered to you by Mercury in Leo with a financial stake at stake.

Gemini’s Horoscope for August 2022

August is a decisive month with major choices to be made and a completely different course to be defined before the start of the school year. If nothing concrete is put in place, your ideas fuse, and you have a new future in your sights. In retreat recently Jupiter prefers reflection to action, the time for you to gather the means you need to begin your turn. On the 21st, Mars enters the scene, expect to multiply the experiences before targeting the one that meets your expectations. It’s rewarding, but you run the risk of losing your way if you don’t adopt a careful and careful approach from the start.

What months are Geminis?

Gemini Horoscope for September 2022

In September, your business develops in a climate of trust. The situation brings together all the talents. Mercury communication follows in the footsteps of Mars action. In the field, this positive aspect translates into unanimously accepted ideas and is applied with ease. You have chosen the right moment if you decide to launch your activity, just see who you are dealing with before any association. Mercury’s about-face on the 11th can cause some financial failures, calculate and manage as closely as possible. On the affective level, Venus is unfortunately obliged to settle daunting administrative questions.

Gemini’s Horoscope for October 2022

October presents itself as the best month of the year when everything lights up and accelerates most naturally in the world. Six planets in the sign of Air and Fire, the good surprises arrive in cascade. The Sun/Mercury/Venus trio in Libra (a friend) expects a crucial encounter to transform your destiny. Heart or work, someone specific gives new impetus to your projects. They are more ambitious, gain momentum, and you can finally show the extent of your talents. Jupiter in Aries (an ally) makes your assets grow, Saturn in Aquarius (a friend) manages them, and Mars (at home) protects them.

Gemini Horoscope for November 2022

In November we rest physically, we mark a necessary and beneficial break for business. Mars beats a retreat until the end of the year, it is wise to channel your energies to avoid any shortness of breath (body and morale combined). As a family, the past resurfaces with reunions to celebrate, and reconciliation to celebrate. On the other hand, the duo Mercury / Venus sows discord on the social level, in a team for example. Around the 18th, gossip can tarnish your image, you will preserve it by calming things down. On the heart side, to live happily, live hidden away, sheltered from intruders and prying eyes.

Gemini Horoscope for December 2022

December exudes vitality, and you the joy of living in everything you decide to undertake. Winter sets in on the 21st, escorted by Jupiter returning to Aries. A comeback with a bang and new projects to carry out. If November was exhausting, the Jupiterian effects give spring and spice to the feelings. Enter the competition, you have every chance to win it. Single, the confidence is there, and the motivation is growing to find a soul mate. As a couple, a major action improves comfort. Count on a rigorous organization to limit its cost.

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