Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?

What is the best targeting option to generate interest?

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Learn about all kinds of ads and choose the best for your e-commerce

If you offer the best products and have great commerce or services but not the right publicity, then what’s the point without creating the best kinds of ads to promote your e-commerce effectively?

Ads are one of the most important online marketing tools and strategies that are constantly being improved, so there are many different types of ads to suit different e-commerce activities.

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration? Whatever your goal in advertising, whether to encourage the purchase of an existing or new product, introduce your brand, or others, there are many advertising options to choose from, whether online marketing or other offline marketing.

In the following lines, we will learn about the most important types of ads in order to be able to build strong advertising campaigns that achieve your marketing goals.

What is advertising?

Advertising can be defined simply as a promotional means about a commodity of any kind, whether a product, service or even an individual. This medium may be traditional through television, newspapers, and newspapers, or electronic via various Internet tools. The advertisement needs many elements in order to produce the desired form with excellent effectiveness.

We find a variety of forms of advertisements among many many, and the growth and development continue to increase the patterns and forms of advertisements and marketing more than they are now, whether online marketing or traditional marketing without the use of the Internet.

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration? These new types of advertising have contributed to the development of the concept of marketing advertising in general, so that advertising is not limited to being a promotional means that urges the public to buy what is being advertised only but also contributes to achieving many different commercial goals such as generating new customers, spreading awareness of the brand commercial, etc.

With so many different types of ads, brands need to plan well and carefully to create an effective and ideal advertising plan to choose the best and most appropriate advertising formats for the business and target customer group.

So let’s continue to know the types of ads, whether traditional ones or types of online ads.

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Visual tools are among the most attractive advertising tools, but to succeed in using them professionally, take into account color consistency, and design innovation, and do not use complex concepts that are far from the nature of your target audience.

What are the different types of ads to promote your brand?

The field of advertising has developed greatly during the previous period, especially with the emergence of social media platforms and the start of looking at them from a different perspective to become one of the most important and prominent marketing and advertising platforms.

The demand and interaction of the consumer audience with them more than the traditional and accustomed forms of advertising have contributed significantly to the success of these advertising media, forcing many brands today to transform their marketing plan to suit the remarkable development we are witnessing today in the field of advertising and marketing.

First: Types of traditional ads

Traditional advertisements have achieved an effective and noticeable impact over long periods of time and in different generations. The behavioral changes of the consumer audience were able to keep pace with these changes and achieve effective communication and success with the public. Traditional advertisements vary between more than one type of advertisement, which is as follows :

1- Print media

Print ads were one of the most important advertising means that are used effectively in advertising and promoting brands and the various goods, services, and products they offer, and although they have begun to lose their luster significantly in recent times, they are still used by many brands.

There are 3 main types of print advertising media:

First, newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines are among the most famous and most important types of print advertisements to date. Even with the emergence of electronic newspapers and magazines, magazines and newspapers are examples of the means of publishing advertisements and paper publications, they still maintain a reasonable position among a large number.


  • If you are targeting an older adult audience who does not interact much on digital platforms, then newspaper and magazine ads will be most suitable for your business.


  • The financial cost of print advertising may be high for some small and emerging projects, especially when compared to digital advertising prices.
  • You cannot accurately gauge the success of your advertising campaign based on clear statistics.

Second: brochures and pamphlets

This type of advertisement is printed in large quantities and used in many branding events and occasions, and it is one of the easiest marketing tools that spread awareness of your brand and build effective communication with your audience. Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?

The types of advertising publications vary according to the purpose of their use, and it is a  practical marketing method whose use is not limited to promotional events and occasions for brands, or through the workplace of your project.

 for example

If your project is a hospital or health center, these publications will be appropriate to display the hospital services and offers that you provide to users and ensure that the customer receives and reads them while in your space.

Third: Advertising banners on the streets 

Advertising banners in the streets had a huge prestige among all kinds of advertisements, as they suited the culture and behavior of the consumer in a great way, but with the development of the culture of societies, these banners have become civil and societal pollution, especially when used without a license and without observing their own standards.

However, despite that, we find that this type of advertising is still used today in a strong way between streets, squares, subway stations, and various other means of transportation, and its main objective is to spread awareness of the brand and its products or services rather than achieving a sales or profit rate.

2. Broadcast ads

Broadcast ads or broadcast ads are one of the most prominent types of ads to date, and with the brilliance and success of digital ads effectively, broadcast ads on television or radio still represent a very important and influential consumer audience.

Broadcast advertisements in their forms via television or radio are characterized by achieving a wide range of effective spread among a large number of customers at the same time, which makes them one of the preferred advertisements for small and emerging projects as they can reach millions of consumers in a short time and succeed in spreading awareness of the project and what it offers.


  • Reach a huge audience and achieve the desired spread of your brand.
  • Achieving other business goals besides selling such as spreading brand awareness and generating new leads.


  • Producing professional TV commercials is very costly even for big projects and brands, as the entrepreneur must ensure that he earns huge profits from behind this advertisement.
  • It may not be appropriate for your target audience or the nature of the merchandise your brand offers.

Second: Types of digital marketing ads

New marketing channels began to appear with the strong spread of the Internet and the presence of the public on it. At that time, search engines and social media turned into one of the most important and effective types of advertising, especially with the demand of the consuming public.

According to the statistics reported to us by the famous statistics site Statista, there are more than 2.05 billion online shoppers around the world in 2020, and this is a very huge number that shows how the evolution and transformation of the shopping behavior of consumers to become primarily online.

Below are the most popular types of advertisements in the field of marketing that you can use in your marketing plans successfully. Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?

1- Search engine ads

The famous search engine Google is one of the most important and most effective advertising platforms today, as it provides many different types of advertising to suit many commercial activities and projects with their financial budget. In addition to being one of the first and most important sources that the online shopper resorts to when searching for a product or service. Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?

Therefore, search engine ads, or in particular the types of Google ads, are considered one of the most important types of digital commercial ads in our time, as they help achieve various commercial goals, the most important of which is reaching the largest possible number of online shoppers around the world.

Features :

  • Low cost.
  • Suitable for start-ups and small projects.
  • The ability to measure the success of the campaign.
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Speed ​​results and profits.
  • Ease of identifying and reaching target customers.

For more details and to support your information on everything related to search engines, see the following articles

2- Social media ads

Creating advertising campaigns through social media has become one of the most popular types of advertisements in the field of marketing at the present time among brands, whether large or small, as all brands are keen to be present on social media in order to succeed in communicating and rapprochement with their target audience. The huge segments of users of the means of these digital platforms today.

The different social media platforms vary between many platforms, most notably Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Benefits of advertising on social media :

  • One of the best options for brands is to keep up with the times and appear in the same language and behavior of the audience used.
  • Low cost.
  • The possibility of accurate measurement of results and continuous change easily.
  • Suitable for small and emerging projects.
  • The ability to customize the target audience according to personality types, interests, demographics, age, and gender.

There are many secrets to the success of your marketing campaigns through social media platforms, and one of these secrets is the quick response to your customer’s questions and inquiries.

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration? Especially if you create paid advertising campaigns because you will receive hundreds of messages and comments from your customers, whether they are inquiring about the product or making a purchase.

That’s why you need a smart assistant that responds to all these messages and comments while trying to take advantage of them in the interest of your business.

And that’s exactly what ExpandBot does. It is a chatbot app for instant replies to Facebook platform messages and comments.

In addition, it is characterized by many other characteristics and features such as:

  • Autoresponders to comments separately.
  • It automatically and instantly responds to comments and messages with specific words based on what your customers frequently ask.
  • It collects and saves your customers’ data for the purpose of using it to improve your advertising campaigns and target potential customers who are interested in your products and services.

Turn your conversations into sales

Provide a professional automated customer service experience as you deal with humans through Expand Bot, and auto-respond to messages and comments effectively and intelligently.

3- Email ads

Email Marketing and Advertising Strategies bring amazing and highly successful results for any brand in all its fields and industries. An email advertising campaign has features that no other advertising medium has, as it enables you to

  •  Advertising a group of your services or products in one advertising message.
  • Combine email advertising content to include text and visual content with an image or video.
  •  Increase traffic rates by converting customers via the links included in the message.

4- Mobile app ads

So we are very close to the point where mobile ad spending will outpace traditional desktop and web-based outlets. It demonstrates a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and indicates that mobile advertising is the future and the sign of the modern age; So you should never forget to include this type of advertising in your marketing strategy.

There are many types of YouTube ads, from which you can choose the appropriate ad format with the nature of your target audience, and of course with the allocated budget, and one of the most important of these types.

  • Non-skippable ads. Non-skippable Video Ads.
  • skippable ads.
  • TrueView Action Ads.
  • Overlay ads.
  • Bumper ads.

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Know that advertising platforms that work well with brands do not have to achieve the same effective results with another brand, so be careful to use the most effective platforms with the nature of your field of business and the characteristics of your target audience and is not necessary to use all platforms.

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration?

How to create your own e-commerce advertisement?

When planning to create an advertising campaign, there are some steps that need to be taken in order to develop a successful and effective advertising plan that achieves the commercial and marketing goals desired by its creation, and these steps are as follows.

1. Determine the goal of the advertisement

One of the most important steps when thinking about any advertising campaign is to set clear and specific goals and determine the results you want to achieve to reach them by creating this advertising campaign and launching it in the middle. When you know and define these goals, it will be easy for you now to decide the type of advertisement, how to create it, and what is the most appropriate advertising medium to achieve your goals.

The purpose of the advertisement can vary between

  • Increase sales of a specific product
  • Announcing a new product or service
  • Generate new leads

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Understand your buyer’s customer journey well to understand what you have to offer them at each stage of marketing to achieve your desired goals and succeed more effectively.

2- Determine the budget

Some may think that this step is only important for small and emerging entrepreneurs, but the reality is the opposite. Determining the advertising budget does not depend on the size of your business, but rather it is one of the important steps that provide you with many obstacles and challenges later.

When you determine an amount of money to spend on the advertising campaign, it will be easy for you to calculate what you have spent and separate the cost, revenue, and profits later, and the cost of one step will not overwhelm the other, in contrast to the dispersion in financial costs and spending without limits or calculation, which negatively affects the business in general.

3- Identify competitors

It is important that you answer the following questions and learn how your competitors advertise.

  • What are the platforms through which your competitors advertise?
  • What is the style of their ads?!
  • What are the obstacles they face?!
  • Benefits of their advertising campaigns?!

Of course, you conducted a market study and a study of your competitors in the field before creating your business, but this is not enough when creating advertising campaigns, as you will need to do another analytical study about competitors from an advertising perspective, what types of ads they follow and the cost they spend.

And many other things that you can detect and identify when identifying competitors and studying and analyzing the advertising campaigns they have launched before, such as discovering that your customers need a specific service or product that they are wondering about and you can easily present it as a competitive advantage for you that distinguishes you from competitors.

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Knowing the situation of competitors will help you a lot in identifying the obstacles and challenges they are going through and working to address and avoid them, in addition to identifying the most important positives and their strengths and working on exploiting and improving them.

4- Determine the target audience

It is important to identify and customize the audience you want to target the advertising campaign to and know the appropriate advertising platform for their preferences, this will make it easier for you to do many things such as writing and determining the type of advertising content that will be used with it. Knowing your target audience allows you to be able to reach them easily.

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Check the language your target audience uses first before you show your content, and try to communicate with them in the way they prefer.

5- Define a marketing strategy for your brand

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration? Advertising will not end when you create and implement an advertising plan only, there are still some other steps, the most important of which are: choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for your business and your audience and starting work on activating this advertising campaign according to the marketing strategy to achieve its goal.

Marketing is also a continuous process that will not end with the launch of an advertising campaign only, but you will need to study and follow up on this advertisement and analyze its results, and then study it to benefit from it in developing your marketing plan and strategy and achieving the highest rates of success in reaching your customers through advertising campaigns.

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It is necessary to know that each strategy has its desired goals and each marketing platform has its own value. That is, your choice of marketing strategy depends on your current marketing and commercial goal. If you are targeting to increase sales, you will not follow the same marketing strategy to promote the production of a new product.

Examples of successful commercial advertising types

An advertisement for a Coca-Cola product entitled “Coca-Cola is sweeter with…” is one of the most famous examples of effective and influential types of advertisements that many remember despite the passage of many years.

The idea of ​​the campaign was to offer Coca-Cola bottles with different names with the printing of some family names such as father, mother, friends, family, and the main goal of the campaign was to spread interaction with a huge audience base even other than the actual Coca-Cola audience.

The following is a copy of the TV advertisement that was published in Egypt in 2014, among the advertising campaigns in the holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign was able to achieve its main goal and recorded a huge and noticeable spread among the audience with their different characteristics and patterns. Unusually, the campaign even participated in the non-target age group, and everyone started looking for his name or the name of his loved ones and friends to guide him and share the joy with him.

Which targeting option is best for influencing consideration? Thus, Coca-Cola achieved many other undisclosed or non-essential business goals from the launch of this advertisement, such as:

  • We are recording the highest selling rates during this period compared to the rest of the year.
  • and generate new potential clients.
  • An increase in the rate of revenue and profits when measuring its performance at the end of the campaign, as Coca-Cola recorded at the time the highest sales and profit rates.

Conclusion and suggestions

Previously, we talked about the different types of ads, whether online ads or traditional offline ads.

We also dealt with the method of planning to launch a professional advertising campaign by determining the advertising budget, inspecting the situation of competitors, and studying the target audience.

In the end, we presented an example of one of the most successful examples of influential television advertisements, which were popular and admired by various segments of the audience of that brand.

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When creating your advertising campaigns, there will be several tasks that you have to do first, and this is what makes you a definite need for our free tools, with which you can accomplish tasks such as:

  • Calculating ad cost per thousand impressions
  • logo design
  • Setting terms and conditions
  • Set up a product return policy

So we suggest that you don’t miss out on using any of these tools and take advantage of them in your advertising campaigns.

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